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Michael Patrick Duggan

Main Designer

Michael has worked in publishing, graphic design, and website design–both in production and marketing–for 20 years. He has multiple certifications in B2B marketing, lead generation, and branding. He has built many… many… websites over the last decade.

He gained some notoriety in the comic book world when his American-published Atomic Clown series was translated into French and suddenly sold better than it ever had in North America. It’s a lovely anecdote at dinner parties. He has worked as an illustrator, colorist, or writer on several comic books, magazines, and novels–including Disney Adventures, The Tick, Foodang, The Dark, Green Lantern, Fantastic Four, Clown With A Gun, The Lemming, Bunny & Turtle, The Man Named Elinor, NUOS, Atomic Clown, Atomic Men, and LA: Heaven and Hell–and drawn storyboards for The Tick, DinoTrux, Doug, King of the Hill, Astrid Strudelman, and The Wild Thornberries. In addition, he has drawn many merchandising pieces like trading cards and toy cover artwork for major franchises like Harry Potter, DC Comics Heroes, and more.