Do Writers Need Websites?

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Writers – The answer is yes!

Back in 2013 (like, a lifetime ago, amiright?) EVERY WRITER posted this thoughtful gem. Here’s the opener, which should convince you immediately:

Let’s get the hard part out of the way first. No writer coming up can survive on story alone today and even writing talent doesn’t guarantee you a spot on the stage. No one will pay you to write poetry, and it’s difficult to even give your fiction away for free and get anyone to pay attention to it. There are too many people out there looking for their quarter hour of fame and demanding to be heard which makes it extremely difficult to find the ones who do deserve the attention, the fame and the money that comes from excellent talent well applied.

Now, this is you might call a hard drive right down the middle. The article goes on to espouse the use… the overall goodness… of getting a website. We couldn’t agree more!

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