Websites for Comics… standup or otherwise

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Are you one of those people? You go to a dinner party and tell everyone that you’re dead inside, and they just laugh and laugh?

So you’re hitting the clubs. You get booked every night, sometimes twice a night, and you just want to make people laugh. You want this to be your life, right? Work your way up like the greats, maybe get your own sitcom or a late night hosting gig? Or you just really want to sell out a stadium and have comedy groupies. Whatever it is, you need to work hard (you’ve probably figured that part out already) and promote the heck out of yourself. But how to do that? You’ve handed out business cards, flyers, started Tweeting hilarious little observations… you ‘like’ things constantly… you’ve created more Facebook events than you can remember. What is there left to do?

You need your own website!

A website–especially one that adapts to fit multiple platforms (laptop, phone, tablet) integrated with the right Search Engine key words, and linked to an effective social media presence is one part of what you need next. Now to be clear–a website is a tool for your business. As a comic, you need a sort of ‘summary’ spot–the place where people can always find your information–when and where you’re performing next, videos from past shows, a summary of your most clever anecdotes in 140 or less characters, and most all–a way to reach you.

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