Writing: You’re doing it – You Need a Website or Your Own Blog

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It all boils down to one thing: visibility. The people who will pay you for your writing… are searching the web for writers.

There’s a terrific article on ABOUT FREELANCE WRITING by Anne Wayman (we like to call her ‘thought-leader Anne Wayman’) that addresses this question in some depth. Anne has some excellent ideas on how to get started. We have a few ideas, too! Where Anne went to one company for her domain, and another for her host–we suggest that you go to a one-stop shop like WRITE NOW SITES (that’s us, btw) and have it all done together.

Here’s some Anne’s advice:

Keep your website simple

When I speak of a blog in this context, I’m talking about a blog that ends up looking like a website. I mean go look at annewayman.com – can you tell it’s a blog? It’s done in wordpress and it means I did not have to hire a designer or worry if my designer moves to Fiji – I can update it myself which is a huge advantage.

Your site doesn’t have to be complex to do a good job showing off your talents. In fact, keep it simple. A home page, an about page and a page or two of writing samples will do nicely. 4 Pages Writers Must Have on Their Professional Website will give you more detail.

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