Websites for Authors and Writers

We can build a unique website that captures the spirit of your book and brand. From there, we will move beyond to help you develop your content, keep your site current, add social networking, and lead potential readers to your site.

  • Increased book sales
  • Increased fanbase
  • Summarize your brand for agents and publishers
  • Speaking engagements

You need to get your message out there.

A website–especially one that adapts to fit multiple platforms (laptop, phone, tablet) integrated with the right Search Engine key words, and linked to an effective social media presence is one part of what you need next. Now to be clear–a website is a tool for your business. As a writer, you can use it in a variety of ways to list your services, reach out, and find potential prospects.

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Consistency is Key.

As writer, you know this already. Every part of your strategy serves the goals you set. You can’t move forward without knowing where you are going. We can help:

  • Identify your business goals
  • Set marketing objectives
  • Identify customers
  • Choose social networks and tactics
  • Create a content strategy for all social media
Case Studies

CASE STUDY – Windsor Bookman
Bestselling Author
The Windsor Bookman website is a mock website designed show how slick and professional we can make your writing brand.

CASE STUDY – Rachel G. Fain
An Organized Mind
Rachel Fain is a writer, editor, and personal organizer. She needed a website that reflects all of those qualities.