Websites for Nurse Practitioners and Traveling Medical Professionals

As a Nurse Practitioner (NP), you know that your profession is growing. In fact, it’s in demand across the country. Many nurse practitioners first worked as registered nurses where treatment of patients extended to holistic and wellness care. An experienced NP brings that nursing background to the treatment and management of medical issues. In the past, if you wanted to find a nurse, you had to look at a hospital–but more and more NPs are setting up their own independent businesses. If you are like them, then you’ll need to find ways get a list of clients.

You need to get your message out there.

A website–especially one that adapts to fit multiple platforms (laptop, phone, tablet) integrated with the right Search Engine key words, and linked to an effective social media presence is one part of what you need next. Now to be clear–a website is a tool for your business. As a Nurse Practitioner or Traveling Medical Professional, you can use it in a variety of ways to list your services, reach out, and find potential customers.

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Let’s Go A Little Deeper

What can a Nurse Practitioner or Traveling Medical Professional use a website for, specifically?

Summarize your services

One of the great strengths of a well-crafted website is that it is the one place where you can REALLY elaborate on every service that your business provides.


Post videos with tips on healthy diet, workouts, and other relevant information.


One great way to get the word out is to write articles on healthy choices and provide more detailed information about health, fitness, or new forms of wellness care.

Sync with Social Media

You’ve got thousands of followers on Twitter. But getting them to hire you as their personal trainer? That takes a longer-term strategy.

New Clients Contact You Directly

Have you ever gone on to Google and looked someone up so that you could go on their website and write to them directly? It’s good to have a place where people can find you.

Consistency is Key.

Every part of your strategy serves the goals you set. You can’t move forward without knowing where you are going. We can help:

  • Identify your business goals
  • Set marketing objectives
  • Identify customers
  • Research competition
  • Research opportunities
  • Choose social networks and tactics
  • Create a content strategy for all social media
Case Studies

Rogue Nurse Media
ROGUE NURSE MEDIA a non-profit organization that teaches storytelling and communication skills to nurses and other medical professionals.

Melissa Frost, NP
Here’s a great site that visually reflects the approach of Melissa Frost, a prominent Psychiatric Registered Nurse in Glendora, California–while also providing valuable information on her work, along with easy contact.